Corporate Wellness Program

corporate wellness program

Businesses need productive employees. A great way to have productive employees is to keep them happy and healthy. Many businesses provide great incentives to employees, such as free gym memberships and bonuses to get in the gym. There is one big problem though, and that is a lot of your employees are too busy or tired to go to the gym before or after work.

Having an allotted time and space for your employees to exercise at work dramatically increases productivity. It also promotes an extreme sense of community and improves teamwork skills. The staple of a successful corporate wellness program is an experienced trainer that can deliver results.
***Business must be in Boise, Idaho area***


30-60 Minute Workouts Expert and Experienced Coaching
Workouts for Every Body Type #1 Priority is Safe Movement
High Intensity Training Strength Training
Mobility and Flexibility Training Flexible Scheduling
Minimal Equipment Needed Group Workouts
Personal Training Breaking Bad Habits Guide

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